We want to help take X-ray imaging equipment to new levels. We will achieve that ambition with cutting edge technology, ambitious research and continuous development. Luxbright’s innovative products are based on over 20 years of research within the physics and materials science area. Our aim is to produce the world's most advanced X-ray tubes for clients in the medical, technical and security sectors.

Our culture

We have and perpetuate an international culture based upon individuals’ strengths and abilities, pairing these with our strategic objectives. We always want to push the limits of what is possible.

We operate with integrity, courage, strength of character, ingenuity and passion. By using the best possible components, innovations and people at every stage, we ensure our customers are satisfied with the speed, quality and form of our products.

Luxbright’s purpose
Our purpose is to protect and improve lives by maximising advanced technologies. Imagine a world with X-ray imaging so safe, portable, and efficient that there is an medical imaging device in every doctor’s office, and a portable scanning solution in every security vehicle and geological site. That is Luxbright’s ambition.

People and leadership

Our team
The Luxbright team consists of a mix of experienced business developers and cutting edge researchers within the fields of med-tech, finance and X-ray technology.

Although from different backgrounds, the will to radically change what features and functionality are expected of X-ray tubes and equipment unites us. Diversity is in our core as we know that different backgrounds and perspectives bring value to our team as well as our business development.

The result is a diverse set of people with top credentials, top experience, and a dedication to be the world leader in microfocus for spectral and imaging solutions.

Leadership philosophy
We aim to be good people, great at what we do, and good at finding great talent. We seek to maintain a positive, precise and forward moving energy at the company. Sometimes we work collaboratively day to day, and sometimes across a distance independently. We also seek to develop our people, giving them opportunities, challenges and a cycling between independence and close supervision.

The future

Our goal is to give manufacturers of X-ray equipment an array of features that will help them out-perform their competition. Minimized radiation, no over-heating, zero rise times and brilliant microfocus. Essentially, our X-ray is the next breed of powerful, stable, accurate and cost efficient alternatives to conventional X-ray tubes. All applications can benefit from better microfocus. We are taking the lead on portable X-ray tubes with microfocus. We are working hard to bring our innovation to the market and cannot wait to enable brand new opportunities to perform X-ray imaging.