• NDT
  • Security
  • Research
  • Medical
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) comes in many forms, with several facets utilizing X-rays, and is found throughout the global economy’s manufacturing and fabrication industries. Luxbright’s microfocus and backwards compatibility will improve the quality of non-destructive testing with simultaneous cost benefits. When more portable NDT systems emerge from the Luxbright ultra cooling X-ray tube technology, entirely new levels of quality assurance will be made possible.

    High Voltage (up to 160kV) tubes with affordable, highly accurate microfocus.

  • X-ray tubes are critical pieces of security networks throughout society, playing important roles in protecting our transportation hubs, shipping industry, critical infrastructure and sensitive venues. Improved image quality will reduce the number of false positives and false negatives in these security settings, making citizens across the globe safer. A more efficient screening process will also reduce costs for organizations implementing security in all of these arenas and provide a more efficient screening experience for those undergoing the screening process. More versatile and cost efficient screening systems are also now on the horizon, thanks to the hyper cooling features of our tubes.

    High Voltage (up to 160kV) tubes with affordable highly accurate Microfocus.

  • X-rays are imperative to many types of research. In geology, X-rays are used to identify mineral types from samples. Luxbright tubes are completely backwards compatible, and the cost efficiency and increased lifetimes of Luxbright tubes, generate savings for companies and institutions performing research.

    Custom and standard solutions that allow for unique high signal to noise ratios and microfocus (25µm) at high and low voltages.

  • The dependency of the medical industry on X-ray technologies needs no explanation with nearly any medical emergency requiring some form of medical imaging. Luxbright’s solutions will improve patient health both through improved diagnoses (due to superior image quality and microfocus) as well as through a reduction in radiation exposure. Hospitals and other health facilities will reap the benefits of offering better services and getting a reduction in imaging system costs, as well as system maintenance costs. The Luxbright tube is also expected to catalyze entirely new and far more portable systems for medical responders with simplified systems framed on Luxbright’s hyper cooling technology.

    Stationary anode and monoblock solutions for various modalities requiring 50watt to 300watt solutions. Medical Imaging, Spectral solutions (dental/mini CT)