Brighter X-ray May Detect Cancer Earlier

Cancer has affected almost every person on the planet in some way or another. Whether it’s your parent, friend or someone you know, we are all familiar with that sinking feeling in your stomach when you hear the news.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to share with you how our technology can make an impact for women with breast cancer. Our company has developed high brilliance microfocus X-ray tubes that have the potential to improve earlier stage cancer detection.

Luxbright’s tubes have a higher brightness and resolution which means shorter exposure time as well as the potential to detect smaller abnormalities. Identifying these can help lead to earlier diagnosis. A recent study done found that nearly 46% of cancer patients in the UK are diagnosed too late. Imagine the percentage of people throughout the entire world.

We envision our innovative nanotechnology to change the future for many generations of women to come. Stay active on our news page for regular updates on how Luxbright technology will help shape the future of healthcare and X-ray imaging.