Every airport uses X-ray imaging for security to protect people. Now that same protection is being demanded at other high-risk locations such as rock concerts, global meetings, train stations and post offices around the world. Society needs safer, faster and more reliable solutions.

Transforming security and passenger experience

By improving detection, increasing flexibility and reducing costs, ColdNano-X will serve as a powerful tool to enable security device makers to better support governments, border agencies, transport security bodies, critical infrastructure inspectors, and all organizations which operate security checkpoints of any kind.

Never before could security checkpoints identify micro-sized materials and threats with the reliability that ColdNano-X is striving for. The Luxbright ColdNano-X allows X-ray systems to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in microfocus and nanomaterials to offer a better and cheaper solution, a game-changing reinvention in the world of X-ray security.

Europe is facing a growing security threat. The current airport checkpoints were developed in the 1970’s to stop hijackers carrying metal objects. While processes have been enhanced and new technology grafted into the checkpoint, it often remains unchanged or with longer processes and only slightly better efficiency. Future checkpoints will combine the classification of passengers through risk assessment with an advanced screening technology.

The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, had a deep impact on global security, especially on airport security and the passenger experience. Today, airlines and their passengers are spending billions on security — a total of $7.4 billion annually. This is, in addition to the inefficiency that slows down processes, costing travel stakeholders time and money.

With the Central Paris bombing in 2015 and a significant rise in terrorist activity (over 265 separate attacks including bombings of the Brussels Airport and subway), there is a resultant increase in international security spending.

Coldnano-X aims at combining material and chemical detection with dangerous item screening. In combination with spectral detectors, the Luxbright X-ray tubes are marvels of engineering and science. Luxbright develop X-ray tubes with significantly better microfocus, built-in cooling and extremely efficient power usage. Because of Luxbright’s innovations focused on cooling and focusing, we have a higher signal to noise ratio and higher power load on the anode, with the same exact size glass tubes.

The Luxbright Coldnano-X innovation will be the only solution that allows for brilliant and precise X-ray imaging without bulky components, compromising energy consumption or cost.

ColdNano-X project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739367.

This Phase II project aims at utilizing nanomaterials for security. ColdNano-X will provide a marketable, low-cost, low-radiation dose, improved image quality, ground-breaking solution aiming in the scope of efficiency of:

  • Security screening of passengers and baggage
  • Mail and parcel inspection