Project ColdNano-X awarded €1.9mm from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 13 December 2016 – Luxbright, a nanotechnology-based X-ray tube maker, has officially been awarded €1.9 million euros in funding from the EU for their ColdNano-X project. ColdNano-X aims at combining material and chemical detection with dangerous item screening. This will provide a groundbreaking solution that can provide lower costs, lower radiation dose, and improved image quality while improving the efficiency of:

  • Security screening
  • Explosive detection
  • Mail and parcel inspection

“I’m grateful to the EU for recognizing the importance of this research and giving our company the resources to speed up our time to market.” – Dr. QiuHong Hu, Chief Science Officer.

Luxbright is a Swedish nanotechnology company pushing the limits of X-ray imaging technology by improving the safety, quality, and power of imaging devices. Luxbright develops disruptive technologies for X-ray generation, combining the advantages of the nanomaterials, cold cathode, and microfocus technologies. Luxbright’s customers take advantage of minimized radiation, no over-heating, zero rise times and brilliant microfocus. The company was founded by Dr. Qiu Hong Hu, Chief Science Officer with the help of Greg Carson, Chief Executive Officer, with the core purpose to protect & improve life by maximizing technological advancement.

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