(Gothenburg, Sweden – October 9, 2017) Luxbright AB, a Swedish nanotechnology based X-ray tube developer, has validated key technology to create an alternative method for producing brighter X-ray beams while reducing dose exposure and increasing image quality. The €3.2mm EU funded project, ColdNano-X, aims at utilizing the latest cutting edge science and nanomaterials to offer a better, safer and more effective solution for security at airports and other high-risk locations around the world. This means a game changing reinvention in the world of X-ray systems.

“The support from the European Union has allowed our inventor, Dr. Hu and his R&D team to make breakthroughs in validating the technology behind our high brilliance X-ray beams. This may enable a whole new era of advanced imaging. From airport security or non-destructive testing  to medical imaging, high brilliance X-rays can be both a leap forward in safety and game changing resolution enhancement at very small scales.”  -Greg Carson, CEO

Current airport checkpoints were developed in the 1970’s. Although new technology has been implemented, the current procedures and technology still fails to detect 50% of threats and/or prohibited items. There are also critical problems with “false positives” – as high as 54% at Frankfurt airport – and for detecting dangerous weapons, chemicals, and explosives. (ProPublica)

There is a €3bn market opportunity for X-ray sources globally, which is constantly growing in importance. Luxbright’s X-ray tubes are attractive across several sectors (security, medical imaging, and non-destructive testing) by offering significantly better microfocus, built-in cooling and extremely efficient power usage.

To date, Luxbright has raised €3.5mm in capital including the €1.9mm from H2020. They are in the process of seeking a Series A investment. The company has made rapid progress forward in the past 12 months. Luxbright’s High brilliance X-ray tubes are in operation with strategic partners, customers, and testing laboratories. The company has been evolving its research and development and testing in cooperation with key university and corporations. Additionally, the company has brought in top talent for R&D, Production, Supply Chain, and Marketing.

The Luxbright Coldnano-X innovation will be a unique solution that allows for precise X-ray imaging without bulky components, compromising energy consumption or cost.

“Imagine a world where X-rays are safe and portable enough to be in the back of any police car or ambulance. That is the future we see approaching”  -Greg Carson, CEO

About Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation program with nearly €80bn of funding available from 2014-2020, in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It hopes to provide more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.

About Luxbright

Luxbright is a Swedish nanotechnology company pushing the limits of X-ray imaging technology by improving the safety, quality and power of imaging devices. Luxbright develops a disruptive technology for X-ray generation, combining the advantages of nanomaterials, cold cathode, and microfocus technologies. Luxbright’s customers take advantage of minimized radiation, no over-heating, zero rise times and brilliant microfocus. The company was founded by Dr. Qiu Hong Hu, Chief Science Officer with the help of Greg Carson, the Chief Executive Officer, with the core purpose to protect & improve life by maximizing technological advancement.

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