Luxbright Names X-ray Industry Veteran As New CEO

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN–(July 2, 2018) – Luxbright AB, an innovator in microfocus X-ray technology, is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has elected Mats Alm as the new CEO of Luxbright. Mr. Alm will assume the position of CEO starting today.

Anders Brännström, Chairman of the Board of Luxbright, stated, “Luxbright is entering a new phase of development with a focus on production and commercialization. It is a natural time to transform the leadership. With over 30 years of experience in the X-ray industry, Mats Alm is an excellent choice. He has an exceptional track record of success within innovation-based companies building a strong commercial focus and winning teams.”

Mats Alm was Managing Director with Unfors Raysafe previous to Luxbright. Unfors Raysafe is a leading provider of X-ray radiation dosimetry management technology. Mr. Alm commented, “It is an honor to be appointed Chief Executive Officer of Luxbright, and I am appreciative to the Board of Directors for this opportunity. I was immediately attracted to the height of the innovations Luxbright has. During my more than 30 years in the industry, not much has happened with X-ray tubes. Luxbright has changed this and has developed a technology that will revolutionize parts of the X-ray industry. I look forward to building a professional organization that we, together, can do these innovations justice and improve the lives of thousands of everyday users of our technology.”

Luxbright’s Founder and CTO, Dr. Qiu-Hong Hu, remarked, “Mats joining today is a key point in the evolution of the company, and we welcome him to the team. Having his leadership and experience with us, I believe that Luxbright is well positioned for strong growth and success. The timing is right. Our technologies show clear market value, our team is excellent, and our shareholders are strong.”

About Luxbright
Luxbright is a Swedish X-ray technology company with a mission is to protect and improve lives by producing the world’s most advanced X-ray tubes. Luxbright’s innovative products are based on over 20 years of research within physics and material sciences. Luxbright aims to take X-ray imaging to new levels with cutting edge technology, ambitious research, and continuous development. Manufacturers of X-ray equipment using Luxbright technology will have an array of features to will help them outperform their competition: brighter microfocus, reduced radiation, higher stability, and faster and clearer imaging.

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