Meet Marie at Luxbright – from intern to R&D employee

Marie started as an intern and is now a key employee for Luxbright’s Research & Development progress.

Working at Luxbright sometimes makes you forget you’re in Sweden, because our team consists of people from all over the world and our corporate language internally and externally is English, altough Swedish and Chinese can be heard in the corridor as well. As an international innovative company we value different backgrounds, skills and perspectives in order to continue develop and take our innovation to the market successfully.

Marie is our lab star, responsible for R&D and Lab Management.

– I’ve been been with the company for almost two years now, started with an internship that developed into a permanent position. My work involves research and development, quality control and lab management. I split my work days between the lab and the desk basically.

What is your background?

– I studied chemistry and biotech engineering abroad at Seoul National University and graduated from Chalmers 2017 with a Master’s degree in Materials’ Chemistry and Nanotechnology.

What is the best with your job at Luxbright?

– It’s highly motivating to be part of a team working with cutting edge technology and to work on research that has a direct impact on society. To have competent and friendly colleagues around me at the office and in the lab makes it even better.

What do you like to do during your time off work?

– I like to workout and I have a great food interest. When I get the chance I also enjoy travelling. I’ve just been to Paris, which was amazing.

We at Luxbright are seeking the best people for our company. The result is a diverse set of people with top credentials, experience, and a dedication to be the world leader in microfocus for spectral and imaging solutions. Follow us on Linkedin or web for career opportunities.