Our X-ray tubes are based on robust cold cathode technology - a patented and revolutionary electron source based on zinc oxide nanostructures. An electron source that starts emitting electrons immediately when turned on, without the need for a hot filament. All of our tubes are customizable, facilitating reverse compatibility to existing systems. Luxbright’s cold cathode X-ray tubes generate considerably less heat, less radiation and provide microfocus as low as 25 micrometers. The benefits of reduced radiation, less heat generation, longer tube lifetimes and improved image quality all come standard within a sealed tube.

The World's only Electron Antenna™ System

Luxbright’s tubes use our patented Eleenna construction, including our Electron Antenna System, to produce unique sizes and shapes of the X-ray beams. The shape, size and spatial relation of the electron antenna to the cathode enables us to adjust and calibrate the shape of the X-ray beam.

The ZnO Cold Cathode

Our x-ray tubes use a patented combination of nanomaterial based cold cathodes and our patented Eleenna blade construction. Combining this with the use of field emission, instead of thermionic emission, it turns our tubes into sophisticated and stable powerhouses for cutting-edge X-ray systems.

Ultra cooled anode

The Luxbright stationary anodes have a revolutionary approach to keeping the temperature low on the anode. This results in a 3-4 increase in power load for the same power footprint.

We do not believe one size fits all.

Luxbright manufactures a large range of X-ray tubes for medical, security, NDT and inspection applications. And they are all fully customizable for reverse compatibility. Below is a comparison chart for our M and FM Series tubes.

Comparison Industry standard Luxbright M-series Luxbright FM-series
ZnO Cold Cathode (Patent Pending tube design) Error Error Success
Unique 'X-Blade' Microfocus (25um, 40um, custom available) Error Success Success
Increased Anode Powerload (Luxbright Innovation) Error Success Success