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Phil Butler, CEO

MARS Bioimaging

At MARS Bioimaging, we are pleased to use Luxbright’s unique ultrabright microfocus X-ray tube. There are no other tubes with the same features, and they work well with our MARS photon-counting small-bore spectral CT. We look forward to next year when we will use their more powerful next generation tube in our human-scale spectral CT.



All Luxbright tubes feature brilliant and inherent microfocus resolutions producing vivid image quality with any application.

Fast rise time

Luxbright’s tubes with cold cathode technology operate without any requisite heating, resulting in ultra fast rise times which reduces dose, improves image quality and enables pulse mode capabilities.

Innovative cooling

Our redesigned tube components enable more efficient component cooling, increasing tube lifetimes and heat capacity.

Power efficiency

Luxbright tubes, via hyper cooling capability and cold cathode technology, offer up to 80% power efficiency gains over analogous conventional tubes

Powerful X-ray Research Facilities
at Your Fingertips

All of our technology is developed and tested in-house, at our labs in Gothenburg, Sweden. Among our team you will find experienced materials technology researchers and PhD’s. Our technology is framed on more than 20 years of R&D experience in materials sciences by our lab management and founders.


Luxbright tubes use our patented Eleenna construction, including our Electron AntennaTM System, to produce unique sizes and shapes of the X-ray beams. The shape, size and spatial relation of the Electron Antenna to the cathode enable us to adjust and calibrate the shape of the X-ray beam.


Our X-ray tubes use a patented combination of nanomaterial-based cold cathodes and our patented Eleenna blade construction. Combining this with the use of field emission, instead of thermionic emission, it turns our tubes into sophisticated, stable powerhouses for cutting-edge, X-ray systems.


The Luxbright stationary annodes have a revolutionary approach to keeping the temperature low on the annode. This results in 3-4 times of increase in power density.


Luxbright manufactures a large range of X-ray tubes for medical, security, NDT and inspection applications. And they're all fully customizable for reverse compatibility. We have M-series, the FM-series, ColdNanoX.


We partner with the world's best monoblock providers to supply complete and reliable sources with a generator. We also have an in house High Voltage team that designs next generation generators and monoblock components. We are capable of designing custom solutions and anticipate a release of an ultra compact monoblock for portable imaging solutions.


We do not believe that one size fits all. Luxbright manufactures a large range of X-ray tubes for medical, security, NDT and inspection applications. And they're all fully customizable for reverse compatibility.

Our product range


For medical x-ray, ndt, security and inspection

M-series, fm-series

We have M-series and FM-series for the industreis, Our FM-series contains our latest, most innovative line of x-rays tubes.
Luxbright manufactures a large range of x-ray tubes for medical, security, NDT and inspect applications. And they’re all fully customizable for reverse compability.

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