Brighter Microfocus X-Ray Tubes.

Higher Power Density.



Brighter Microfocus

All Luxbright tubes feature brilliant and inherent microfocus resolutions producing vivid image quality with any application.

Higher Power Density

A stable, high-intensity beam with more W/µmgives sharper 2D and 3D images and improved radiographic contrast.

Faster Image Acquisition

Higher output power offers faster image acquisition and superior image quality for reliable detection of microfeatures.

Plug-n-Play Compatibility

Luxbright X-ray tube inserts are designed to work with current products and systems with little to no restrictions.

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Phil Butler, CEO

MARS Bioimaging

At MARS Bioimaging, we are pleased to use Luxbright’s unique ultrabright microfocus X-ray tube. There are no other tubes with the same features, and they work well with our MARS photon-counting small-bore spectral CT. We look forward to next year when we will use their more powerful next generation tube in our human-scale spectral CT.