Meet Axel – our startup enthusiast

Hey Axel, what do you do at Luxbright?
– My main responsibility is Luxbright’s business development – simply put, it’s my responsibility to bridge the communication between the market and our R&D team. I do this by listening to both the needs of end users and potential customers, as they are often different. This applies to our current as well as potential markets that can benefit from our technology. In practice, all this boils down to a lot of research and analysis as well as interviews with experts within respective fields.

Tell us about your background!
– I studied Business to receive a 1 year Masters of Business Administration. During my time at university I found startups to be a particularly interesting organisational form, which led me to study additional two years for another Masters Degree in Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship. My previous work experience is from part-time jobs at startups during my studies, where my tasks have been related to mainly administrative work.

What is the best with working at Luxbright?
– The best part is that I get to be involved in several projects at once with brilliant people. Also the trust in me by the company to allocate my time and work, and the freedom that comes with that.

What do you like to do off work hours?
–  I run my own tech startup on the side , so at the moment I work quite a lot and don’t have many hours off. However I try to find time to work out, either by attending Muay-Thai classes or hitting the gym here in our office building Biotech Centre, especially since they added a punching bag there.

What’s your motto?
The journey to success is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve been using this as my motto for a while and just recently found out that this is alteration of a quote from Dr.Phil. But I prefer my version!

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