Meet Dr. Qiu-Hong Hu, the man behind Luxbright’s innovation

Dr. Qiu-Hong Hu is the founder and Chief Scientist of Luxbright, and the inventor of Luxbright’s X-ray tube technologies. He has a Ph.D. in Material Science from Chalmers University and holds more than 15 patents in material science and field emissions. With over 20 years of experience of research in physics and materials science aimed at applications in field emission lighting, solid state lighting, nano-electronics and photonics, both in academic and industry settings, he is now focusing on the X-ray industry with Luxbright.

How would you describe your role at Luxbright?
My role revolves around keeping our technology at forefront and lead the work from science to product, to make sure the technology is turned into commercial products that can help people to perform better X-rays and as a result make people safer. My role also means a responsibility to deliver value for shareholders, employees and the society.

So what do you do at work?
Besides developing our product I also find some time to read, reading is an important part of my life. I’m also doing my own research and work with investment, marketing among many things, since we’re a small fast developing company. I travel regularly to meet with investors, collaboration partners, suppliers, customers and factories in Europe, China and the US.

What is the best with working at Luxbright?
To being able to work with something that is useful to society. And to work with great colleagues. If everybody’s happy I’m happy. Life is short, it’s important to take the opportunity to meet people and help each other, to share knowledge and experience, and to get something done.

What do you like to do off work hours?
I read a lot. When I lived in China I spent half my salary on books, mostly fiction, which was the kind of books a got a hold of there. When I came to Sweden I went to the University Library and borrowed all interesting books I could find within physics, mathematics, history and philosophy of physics and natural sciences in general. I read everything that I can get a hold of on the  history of modern physics.

What’s your motto?
Any experience is good one as long as you survive. And I also stick to the motto that If you cannot laugh through it you cannot survive it.